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Nice group in the fresh pen! Jr 2-Mosnang High Octane Liquorice Jr 3-Mosnang Airlift Website VG87 Jr 2-Mosnang Capital Gain Magnum Sr 3-Mosnang Defiant Lickspittle GP83 🐮🐮🐮🐮 #holstein #cows #highoctane #airlift #capitalgain #defiant #cowfamilies #👍🏻#teammosnang

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July 29, 2017 Mid-Summer Classic Lacombe

Mosnang V Hero Waterfall (left)- 1st Jr. Yr & Grand Champion
Mosnang Elude Ginseng (right)- 1st Summer Yr & HM Champion

July 4, 2017 Classification Results

Multiple EX
Mosnang Ashlar Crunch EX91 3E
Mosnang Smokin Cheese EX 2E

New EX
Mosnang Airlift Rescue EX (First EX Airlift in Canada)

mosnang airlift rescue
VG 2+ Lactation
Mosnang Cat Scratch Fever VG87
Mosnang Full Spectrum VG86
Mosnang Sammy Abby VG

2 Year Olds
Mosnang Corey Eclipse VG
Mosnang McCutchen Wireless VG
Mosnang Airintake Lullaby VG (Dam of Mosnang Jacoby Legendairy +21 Conf Hf)
Mosnang Integral Rerun GP84
Mosnang Formost Scooter GP84
Mosnang Capital Gains Tax GP83
Mosnang Colt45 Willy Nilly GP83

June 10, 2017: Alberta Dairy Congress Results

Mosnang Diamondback Nickel- 3rd R&W Int Calf
Mosnang Diamondback Nifty- 4th R&W Int Calf
Mosnang Avalanche Danger- 4th Int Calf
****Now owned by T&L Cattle LTD.
Mosnang Mesdoor Wonderland- 3rd Sr. Calf
****Now owned by William Wikkerink
mosnang mesdoor wonderland

Mosnang Avalanche Risk- 6th Summer Yr
Mosnang Jacoby Escalade- 7th Summer Yr
Mosnang V Hero Waterfall- 2nd Jr Yr
Mosnang Snowy Christmas- 2nd Int Yr
2nd Junior Breeders Herd
Junior Premier Exhibitor

Mosnang Corey Eclipse- 3rd Jr. 2
Mosnang Deman Cheddar- 5th Sr. 2
Mosnang Brokaw Moonlight- 2nd Jr. 3
Mosnang Cat Scratch Fever- 4th Sr. 3
Crestomere Brad Linette- 5th Sr. 3
Mosnang Saloon Liquor- 2nd 4 Yr
mosnang saloon liquor

Mosnang Smokin Cheese- 1st 5 Yr

1st Senior Breeders Herd
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Spring 2017 Cowsmopolitan ad

Mosnang Cowsmopolitan ad

February 26, 2017 Classification Results

Multiple EX
Mosnang Bonair Worm- EX 3E
Mosnang Bolton Ivy- EX 2E

New EX
Mosnang Windbrook Aloe EX

VG 2+ Lactation
Mosnang Airlift Adair VG88
Mosnang Brokaw Moonlight VG87
Mosnang Atwood Joyful VG87
Mosnang Lauthority Whizbang VG87
Mosnang Air Dry VG86
Mosnang In Control VG

2 Year Olds
Mosnang Deman Cheddar VG86
Mosnang Unix Wipe Out VG
Mosnang Wickham Ladybug VG
Mosnang Aussie Jewel VG
Mosnang McCutchen IPad VG
Mosnang Airintake Lullaby GP84
Mosnang Golddust Cocoa GP83
Garedon Sid Lotus GP83

2016 All-Western Results

Mosnang Saloon Liquor- 2016 All-Western Jr. 3 Yr Old
1st National Convention 2016, 1st Westerner Showcase 2016
All-Western Jr. 2 Yr 2015, 1st Westerner Championship 2015
Mosnang Saloon Liquor

Mosnang Corey Eclipse- 2016 HM All-Western Jr. Yearling
1st & HM Junior Champion Interior Provincial Exhibition, 2nd Alberta Dairy Congress & 3rd Westerner Championship
Mosnang Corey Eclipse

Mosnang Smokin Cheese EX- 2016 HM All-Western Super Cow
BCA: 287-360-293.......02-10 305d 13,169 609 4.6% 428 3.3%
Mosnang Smokin Cheese

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