Mosnang Elmo Goldwyn

December 2011 Cowsmopolitan Ad

Classification. Nov 21, 2011


Mosnang Bonair Wire VG85Bonair Wire Pedigree
Mosnang Shot Gun VG85 Shot Gun Pedigree
Her dam Mosnang Willow Champ VG89
Mosnang Jayz Joosie VG85Jayz Joosie Pedigree
Mosnang Bonair Worm VG85Bonair Worm Pedigree


Mosnang Baxter Wilt VG85Baxtr Wilt Pedigree
HM All Western Summer Yearling 2009

Mosnang Baxter Wilt
Mosnang Wisker Sept Red VG87Wisker Sept Pedigree
Mosnang Wine Talent VG86Wine Talent Pedigree
Falonia R D Baxter Bryana VG86Baxter Bryana pedigree
Rockymountain Shottle Present VG86Shottle Present Pedigree

EX and ME

Mosnang Irish Fortune EX91Irish Fortune Pedigree
Mosnang Glacier Goldwyn EX90Glacier Goldwyn Pedigree
Mosnang Lilac Champion EX91Lilac Champion Pedigree
Huntsdale Champion Infinity EX 2EChampion Infinity Pedigree

Flush Update. Aug 11, 2011

This week we flushed Bramville Golden Boy Zippy EX93 2EBramville Golden Boy Zippy pedigree to Sv Jade Hired GunHired Gun Pedigree, 4 # 1's Frozen


Lacombe Heifer Show Results. July 29, 2011

Mosnang Flap RueFlap Rue Pedigree2nd March Calf
Mosnang Steady ElninaSteady Elnina Pedigree 6th March Calf
Mosnang Denzel CockatooDenzel Cockatoo Pedigree1st Summer Yearling
Mosnang Fireback WineryWinery Fireback Pedigree1st Int. Yr

Congratulations to Thornspyc Dairy, Grand Champion with their Intermediate Calf- Thornspyc Alexander Alexis

Mosnang Flap Rue

July Classification


Mosnang Bonair Woop Up VG86 Mosnang Bonair Woop-Up Pedigree
Mosnang Baxter Alabama VG85 mosnang Baxter Alabama Pedigree
Mosnang Dolman Indy VG85 Mosnang DolmanIndy Pedigree
Mosnang Bonair Infinite VG87Bonair Infinite Pedigree
Now owned by Barrielake Holsteins and AMA Holsteins
Sold through the Calgary Explosion Heifer Sale 2010


Mosnang Iris Spirte VG87 Mosnang Iris Spirte Pedigree
Mosnang Winnifred Talent VG86 Mosnang Winnifred Talent Pedigree
Mosnang Lawn Boy Jessie VG85 Mosnang Lawn Boy Jessie Pedigree
Mosnang Dyphes Burns VG85Mosnang Dyphes Burns Pedigree
Bienert Mattina Goldwyn VG85Bienert Mattina Goldwyn Pedigree
Rockymountain Shottle PresentVG85Rockymountain Shottle Present Pedigree


Mosnang Irish Fortune EX90 Mosnang Irish Fortune Pedigree

Leduc Dairy Congress | show results

Mosnang Holsteins wins B & W Premier Breeder!


Mosnang Sterling Rain- 3rd Int. Calf
Mosnang Ashlar Crunch- 2nd Summer Yearling
Mosnang Sanchez Milkful- 3rd Summer Yearling
RockyMountain Goldwyn Winnie- 1st Junior Yearling (owned with Wendon Holsteins & Orville Schmidt)


Mosnang Beamer Reanne- 3rd Sr.2 Yr Old
Mosnang Lightning Bolt- 2nd Jr. 3 Yr Old
Mosnang Alberta Gold- 2nd 4 Yr Old and Best Bred & Owned 4 YR Old