Mosnang Elmo Goldwyn

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 3, 2014: Genomic Results

Mosnang Airintake Lullaby
Conf. +20 (+23 DGV) GPA LPI 2917

Dam: HolsteinForumP Dempsey Lovely
Owned with Beemer Holsteins

November 20, 2014: Royal Results

Mosnang Brok Again: 15th Int. Yr

Brok Again

November 4, 2014: Photos from 2014 Westerner Championship Dairy Showcase

Mosnang Brok Again: 1st Int. Yr & Res. Jr. Champion
mosnang brok again reserve jr champion

Mosnang Gold Chip Crunchy VG 2 Yr: 3rd Jr. 2 Yr
mosnang gold chip crunchy

Mosnang Defiant Panda: 2ns Sr. Calf
mosnang defiant panda

Morsan Miss Heroic
Dam: Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX95 2E 11*
Owned with Crestomere Holsteins
morsan miss heroic missy daughter

Willowridge Hero DeeDee: 2nd Int. Yr
Owned with Beemer Holsteins & Janet Montgomery
willowridge hero deedee

Mosnang McCutchen Elnora: 4th Jr. Yr
Grand Dam: Mosnang Elmo Goldwyn EX
mosnang mccutchen elnora

Mosnang At Crunch Time: 6th Summer Yr
Atwood sister to Jr. 2 Yr, Mosnang Gold Chip Crunchy
Dam: Mosnang Ashlar Crunch EX
mosnang atwood crunch time

October 25. 2014: Westerner Championship Dairy Showcase results

1st Int. Yr & Res. Jr. Champion- Mosnang Brok Again
(owned with Molly & Megan Herberg)
Mosnang Brok Again Reserve Junior Champion

2nd Int. Yr- Willowridge Hero DeeDee
(owned with Beemer Holsteins & Janet Montgomery)
2nd Sr. Calf- Mosnang Defiant Panda
Mosnang Defiant Panda

2nd Jersey Jr. Yr- Mosnang Tequila Vibrate
(owned with Bernalli Jerseys)
2nd Sr. Yr- Morsan Miss Heroic
(owned with Crestomere Holsteins)
2nd Jr. 2 Futurity- Mosnang Gold Chip Crunchy
3rd Jr. 2 Yr- Mosnang Gold Chip Crunchy
3rd Jersey Summer Yr- Mosnang Hired Gun Zapper
4th Sr. Calf- Mosnang Defiant Whirlwind
4th Jr. Yr- Mosnang McCutchen Elnora
4th Sr. 2 Yr- Morsan Petras Chip
(owned with Sterling Park Holsteins)
Morsan Gold CHip Petra 4th Jersey Sr. 3 Yr- Mosnang Mini Zipper
5th Summer Yr- Mosnang Airlift Rescue
5th Jr. Yr- Mosnang Fever Jovi
6th Summer Yr- Mosnang At Crunch Time

Central Alberta Holstein Club Showcase Sale

October 24. 2014, 11 AM, Westerner Park, Red Deer AB

October 18. 2014: Classification

We had a great day with the classifier, adding one more EX to the herd and 4 new VG 2 Year Olds

Mosnang Bonair Worm EX

2+ Lactation:
Mosnang Bolton Ipod VG87
Mosnang Mini Zipper VG87
Dam: Bramville Golden Boy Zippy EX 93 2E

Mosnang Lauthority Warning VG86
Dam: Mosnang Wisp Roman VG88 1*

Mosnang Steady Bell VG
Mosnang Bolton Whiplash VG
Dam: Mosnang Winiola Morty EX

Mosnang Steady Elnina GP83
Dam: Mosnang Elmo Goldwyn EX

2 Year Olds:
Mosnang Windbrook Aloe VG86
Mosnang Hero Jubilee VG
Mosnang Spectrum Prankster VG
Mosnang Gold Chip Crunchy VG
Dam: Mosnang Ashlar Crunch EX

Mosnang Bradnick Twizzler GP84
Dam: Mosnang Willow Champ VG89 3*

Mosnang Dude Whatsit GP83
Dam: Mosnang Wisp Roman VG88 1*

Mosnang Lauthority Wishbone GP83
Mosnang Jordan Whizz GP83
Dam: Mosnang Winiola Morty EX

October 3. 2014: World Dairy Expo Results

Jacobs Charlie Drayo: 7th Jr. Yr

July 19. 2014:Millennium embryos from Petra listed

5 exportable #1 embryos! Morsan Petras Chip VG87 2 Yr x Mr Donalynn Millennium.

Contact Markus at the farm 403-843-3408 or cell 403-783-0442 if interested!

July 10. 2014: New cow pictures!

Mosnang Ashlar Crunch EX
mosnang ashlar crunch

Morsan Petras Chip VG87 2 Yr
Owned with Peter & Rebekah Mathers, Sterlingpark Holsteins
morsan petras chip

June 25. 2014: Classifiation Results

2 Yr Olds
Morsan Petras Chip VG87
Mosnang Bolton Whippit VG86
Dam: Mosnang Wisp Roman VG88 1*

Mosnang Sid Magenta VG
Mosnang Dempsey Limo GP84
Dam: Mosnang Lightning Bolt EX92

Mosnang Gold Chip Wink GP83
Dam: Mosnang Wisp Roman VG88 1*

Mosnang Sid Icon GP83

VG 2+ Lactation
Mosnang Krisanto Whydah VG
Mosnang Bolton Ivy VG
Mosnang Denzel Glamour VG87
Mosnang Sanchez Bailey VG87

Mosnang Ashlar Crunch EX
Dam: Mosnang Waffer Champ VG87 3*

Mosnang Sanchez Rhea EX91
excellent sanchez

June 20. 2014: Alberta Dairy Congress Results

Mosnang Defiant Panda: 1st Senior Calf
Mosnang Defiant Panda Mosnang Defiant Whirlwind: 4th Senior Calf
Mosnang At Crunch Time: 2nd Summer Yearling
Mosnang McCutchen Elnora: 2nd Junior Yearling
Mosnang Mccutchen elnoramccutchen daughter
Willowridge Hero DeeDee: 3rd Intermediate Yearling
Willowridge Hero DeeDee
Mosnang Brok Again: 5th Intermediate Yearling
Mosnang Brokaw Again
2nd Junior Breeders Herd

Mosnang Gold Chip Wink: 4th Junior 2 Year Old
Mosnang Sid Magenta: 7th Senior 2 Year Old
senior 2 year olds
Morsan Petras Chip: 3rd Senior 2 Year Old
Morsan Petras Chipgold chip daughter VG87
senior 2 year olds
Mosnang Sanchez Rhea: 3rd 4 Year Old
Mosnang Sanchez Rhea
Mosnang Lightning Bolt: 4th Mature Cow
Mosnang LIghtning Bolt
3rd Breeders Herd

June 18. 2014: Bull list updated

Breeding bulls for sale from some of our favourite cow families!

bulls for sale
Defiant & Saloon bulls from Mosnang Lightning Bolt EX92
holstein bulls for sale
Gold Chip & Colt 45 bulls from Mosnang Winter Mailing EX

Gold Chip from Mosnang Sanchez Rhea VG88

More bulls available from great sires such as Hero, Stanley Cup, Lauthority, Windbrook, Airlift, Explode, Atwood, Fever, Numero Uno, Doorman, McCutchen, & Gold Chip.

June 6. 2014: New Embryos listed!

7 exportable #1 "Doorman" x Jacobs Charlie Drayo
Nominated All-Canadian Jr. Calf 2013
Jacobs Charlie Drayo Doorman embryos

May 15. 2014: New Embryos listed!

3 exportable embryos: Mosnang Lightning Bolt EX92 x Stantons Capital Gain stantons capital gain
MOsnang lightning bolt x Capital Gain

3 exportable embryos: Mosnang Bolton Whippit VG x Pol Butte MC Beemer pol butte mc beemer

Whippit's Dam: Mosnang Wisp Roman VG88
whippit's dam, beemer embryos

March 25.2014: Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic Results

Mosnang Defiant Panda: 2nd Sr. Calf
Mosnang Defiant Panda

Mosnang At Crunch Time: 3rd Summer Yr
Mosnang At Crunch Time

Mosnang Braxton Excentric: 6th Summer Yr

Mosnang Jordan Wifi: 4th Jr. Yr
Mosnang McCutchen Elnora: 5th Jr. Yr

Willowridge Hero DeeDee: 1st Int Yr
Mosnang Brok Again: 2nd Int Yr
Willowridge Hero DeeDee

Our little showman did a great job too!
PeeWe Showmanship

Mosnang Sanchez Rhea: 6th 4 Yr
Mosnang Snachez Rhea

Mosnang Jasper Apex: 4th 5 Yr
Mosnang Jasper APex

Mosnang Lightning Bolt: 5th Mature Cow
Mosnang Lightning Botl

1st Breeders Herd (L-R)
Mosnang Sanchez Rhea VG88, 3rd Calf, 6th 4 Yr
Mosnang Lightning Bolt EX92, 3rd Calf, 5th Mature Cow
Mosnang Jasper Apex EX92, 3rd Calf, 4th 5 Yr
breedersherd Breeders Herd

March 13. 2014: Classification Results

Current Herd Classification: 1ME, 6EX, 56VG, 33GP, 1G

2 Yr Olds

Mosnang Smokin Cheese VG
Mosnang Bolton Whippit VG
Crestomere Lauthority Venom VG
Mosnang Seagual Iko VG
mosnang very good 2 year olds Mosnang Bolton Malibu GP84
Mosnang Lauthority Laser GP83
Mosnang Iota Wishful GP83

2+ Lactation

Lakeway Spirte Skore VG87
Mosnang W Goldwyn Window VG87

Mosnang Pirate Wisdom VG87
Dam: Mosnang Willow Champ VG89 2*

Mosnang Sanchez Milkful VG86
Dam:Mosnang Waffer Champ VG87 2*

Mosnang Steady Kick VG
Mosnang Wildman Risky VG


Mosnang Jasper Apex EX92
Mosnang Jasper Apex

March 18. 2014: BC Spring Sale Consignment

Rockymountain Goldwyn Winnie's only daughter sells. LOT 35A is a July, Red Carrier Redburst heifer!
Sale is March 20th at 6pm, don't miss your chance at a part of this awesome family!
Click on the photo below to link to the catalogue.BC SPRING SALE

March 4. 2014: 2013 All-Western Results

Cowsmopolitan ad

February 3. 2014: Embryo list Updated

Golddust, Colt 45 and Doorman embryos!

Golddust and Doorman embryos from Mosnang Lightning Bolt EX92

Colt 45's from Red Carrier Dam Mosnang WIlfreda Talent EX

January 31 2014: All-Canadian/ All-American Nomintation

Jacobs Charlie Drayo
Owned with Marbrae Holsteins and Jamie Farrell

Nomianted All- Canadian and All-American Junior Calf

Jacobs Charlie Drayo All Canadian All American

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