Mosnang Elmo Goldwyn

Westerner Championship Dairy Showcase 2015

Premier Holstein Breeder!

Mosnang McCutchen Wireless- 3rd Jr. Calf
mosnang ccutchen wireless

RockyMountain AS Dynamite- 7th Jr. Calf
Mosnang Yorick Inuvik- 3rd Int. Yr
mosnang yorick inuvik

Mosnang Sammy Abby- 6th Int. Yr
Mosnang Airlift Ink- 1st Sr. Yr
mosnang airlift ink

Mosnang Defiant Panda- 2nd Milking Yr
mosnang defiant panda

Mosnang Saloon Liquor- 1st Jr. 2 Yr, Best B&O, 1st Futurity
mosnang saloon liquor

Broyhill Meridian Hiku J- 2nd Jr. 2 Yr
(owned with Stanhope Wedgwood)
broyhill meridian hiku j

Morsan Petras Chip- 5th Sr. 3 Yr
(owned with Sterling Park Holsteins)
Mosnang Lightning Bolt- 6th Mature Cow
4th Breeders Herd, (R-L) Saloon Liquor 1st Jr 2, Defiant Panda 2nd Milking Yr, Lightning Bolt 6th Mature Cow

breedersherd Premier Breeder

Mosnang Nitro Zoom Zoom- 1st Summer Yr and Jr. Champion
mosnang nitro zoomzoom

Mosnang Hired Gun Zapper- 3rd Jr. 2 Yr
Mosnang Comerica Zazoo- 2nd 4 Yr
mosnang comerica zazoo

Mosnang Mini Zipper- 3rd 4 Yr
mosnang mini zipper

2nd Breeders Herd

Morsan Miss Heroic VG 2 Yr

Hero daughter from Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX95 2E 14*
Owned with Crestomere Holsteins.
hero missy daughter

HolsteinForumP Dempsey Lovely VG86 2Yr

Owned with Beemer Holsteins
dempsey lovely vg 86

Garedon Holsteins Complete Herd Dispersal Sale Catalog

Catalog designed by Amanda Hehli

Garedon Holsteins dispersal sale catalog

February 23, 2015: Classification

We had a great classification this round! Our current herd classification is now 2 ME, 4 EX, 61 VG, 25 GP, 1 G.

Mosnang Sanchez Rhea EX92 2E

Mosnang Shot Gun EX 2E
Dam: Mosnang Willow Champ VG89 3*

Mosnang Pirate Wisdom EX
Dam: Mosnang Willow Champ VG89 3*

VG 2+
Mosnang Wildman Risky VG88
Mosnang Jayz Joosie VG88
Crestomere Lauthority Venom VG87
Mosnang Destry Whisky Red VG87
Dam: Mosnang Wisker Sept VG87

Mosnang Fireback Winery VG87
Mosnang Baroque Gopher VG87
Mosnang Dempsey Limo VG86
Dam: Mosnang Lightning Bolt EX92

Mosnang Lauthority Laser VG
Mosnang Time Hedgehog VG
Mosnang Iota Wishful VG
Gr. Dam: Mosnang Wisp Roman VG88 1*

Mosnang Dazzling Alloy VG
Mosnang Final Prize VG
Mosnang Bolton Malibu VG
Mosnang Denzel Lizzy VG
Mosnang Denzel Leona VG
Narcis Redman Brat VG
Mosnang Sanchez Winsome VG
Dam: Mosnang Talent Wilfreda EX

VG 2 Yr
HolsteinForumP Dempsey Lovely VG86
Owned with Beemer Holsteins
Mosnang Lauthority Whizbang VG
Dam: Mosnang Shottle Wichita VG86

Mosnang Brok N Heart VG
Mosnang GoldChip Waterloo VG
Dam: Mosnang Wisp Roman VG88 1*

GP 83+ 2 YR
Mosnang Bud Light DillyDally GP84
Mosnang Laron Bianca P GP83

January 25, 2014: Mosnang Defiant Whirlwind sold to T&L Cattle Co.

Good luck to Mosnang Defiant Whirlwind and her new owners at T & L Cattle! Watch for her as a Sr. Yr in 2015!
defiant whirlwind

January 15, 2014: 1st heifer of 2015! 1st Pol Butte MC Beemer daughter!

Pol Butte MC Beemer daughter

2014 All-Western Nominations

Mosnang Defiant Panda: Nom. All-Western Sr. Calf
Mosnang McCutchen Elnora: Nom. All-Western Jr. Yr
Mosnang At Crunch Time: Nom. All-Western Summer Yr
Mosnang Brok Again: Nom. All-Western Int. Yr
Willowridge Hero DeeDee: Nom. All-Western Int. Yr
Morsan Miss Heroic: Nom. All-Western Sr. Yr
Mosnang Gold Chip Crunchy VG: Nom. All-Western Jr. 2 Yr
Morsan Petras Chip VG87: Nom. All-Western Sr. 3 Yr

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